HP Curfew Lockdown E Pass Application ✅ (for All Districts)

Government of Himachal Pradesh has launched E Pass application form on the https://serviceonline.gov.in/ portal. For Lockdown pass in Himachal Pradesh, people need to apply online using the lockdown pass application form. Here is districtwise application form for Covid-19 e Pass for lockdown in Himachal Pradesh.
himachal pradesh HP Epass for lockdown covid19

How to apply for HP e Pass for lockdown?

To apply for e Pass in Himachal Pradesh, follow these steps -
  1. Go to himachal pradesh e pass application website.
  2. Select for pass type - within district, outside district
  3. Select name of district and sub-division in Himachal Pradesh.
  4. Enter e Pass type and sub category of HP e Pass for lockdown.
  5. Enter applicant's detail and address.
  6. Enter e Pass details and journey, vehicle information.
  7. Submit the HP e Pass for lockdown application form.
After reviewing your application, an SMS will be sent to you with link to download e Pass for lockdown. If you want to apply for ePass in your district, check the details below.

Click here to apply online.

Himachal Pradesh curfew lockdown e Pass - District wise

Here is link to apply online for lockdown pass in Himachal Pradesh for each district.

Bilaspur https://hpbilaspur.nic.in/ Click here for Bilaspur curfew e Pass application
Chamba http://hpchamba.nic.in/ Click here for Chamba curfew e Pass application
Hamirpur https://hphamirpur.nic.in/ Click here for Hamirpur curfew e Pass application
Kangra http://hpkangra.nic.in/ Click here for Kangra curfew e Pass application
Kinnaur http://hpkinnaur.nic.in/ Click here for Kinnaur curfew e Pass application
Kullu https://hpkullu.nic.in/ Click here for Kullu curfew e Pass application
Lahaul & Spiti https://hplahaulspiti.nic.in/ Click here for Lahaul & Spiti curfew e Pass application
Mandi https://hpmandi.nic.in/ Click here for Mandi curfew e Pass application
Shimla http://hpshimla.nic.in/ Click here for Shimla curfew e Pass application
Sirmaur http://hpsirmaur.nic.in/ Click here for Sirmaur curfew e Pass application
Solan http://hpsolan.nic.in/ Click here for Solan curfew e Pass application
Una http://hpuna.nic.in/ Click here for Una curfew e Pass application

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